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Date Filename Description Directions
17-Dec-2023 html1 Title and Heading tags Click here
23-Dec-2023 html2 p,u,i,strong,del,b,br,sup,sub Click here
23-Dec-2023 html3 images,hr Click here
24-Dec-2023 html4 majestic test Click here
24-Dec-2023 html5 bq,q,address,cite,bdo,comment,a Click here
27-Dec-2023 html6 Resume Assesment(img icon, link to mail & website) Click here
28-Dec-2023 html7 Titanic Website Assesment(common attributes(id,style=float), Bookmark link) Click here
29-Dec-2023 html8 Chemical reaction Assesment with superscript & subscript Click here
30-Dec-2023 html9 Rowspan & Colspan Click here
31-Dec-2023 html10 form tags Click here
05-Jan-2024 html11 temp table(colspan&rowspan) Click here
19-Jan-2024 html12 Calender 2024 with CSS Click here
21-Dec-2023 html13 Latest Version(Marque) Click here
21-Jan-2023 html14 Beautiful images in table with colspan Click here
27-Jan-2023 html15 Student Registration form Click here
28-Jan-2024 css1 text-decoration:none & hover Click here
28-Jan-2024 css2 cursor property and their values with external css Click here
03-Feb-2024 css3 Using all 3 types of internal css, 5 elements, resume using css property Click here
03-Feb-2024 css4 Insta, Twitter, X logo using HTML & CSS Box using border radius Click here
04-Feb-2024 css5 T-Shirt using postion Click here
04-Feb-2024 css6 image list, Horizontal menu, Navbar using Click here
07-Feb-2024 css7 Login Page for Hover Click here
09-Mar-2024 css8 Position Absolute(Learning) Click here
09-Mar-2024 css9 Position Absolute, position absolute ex-1 Click here
09-Mar-2024 css10 Position Absolute, position absolute ex-2 Click here
15-Mar-2024 css11 Media querry ex-1 Click here
15-Mar-2024 css12 Media querry-ex2 Click here
15-Mar-2024 css13 Position Absolute ex-1 Click here
16-Mar-2024 css14 Media querry-ex3 Click here
16-Mar-2024 css15 Navbar Click here
06-Apr-2024 css16 drop-down(Widgets) Click here
12-Apr-2024 css17 pesudo placeholder Click here
13-Apr-2024 css18 Gradiant(Spin) Click here
13-Apr-2024 css19 Gradiant Click here
13-Apr-2024 css20 transform & Opacity Click here
22-May-2024 css21 Classmate Excercise Click here
24-Apr-2024 js1 Content Change-onclick Click here
24-Apr-2024 js2 Image Change-onclick Click here
24-Apr-2024 js3 Image Size Changes Click here
24-Apr-2024 js4 Content and Color Changes(using Internal js) Click here
24-Apr-2024 js5 Show/hide Click here
24-Apr-2024 js6 Content and Color Changes(using External js) Click here
24-Apr-2024 js7 Implementing Arithmetic Operator Click here
24-Apr-2024 js8 Introducing HTML in JS Click here
08-May-2024 js9 Getting Values from user and adding Click here
08-May-2024 js10 Mordern Calculator Click here
08-May-2024 js11 Addition using function Click here
08-May-2024 js12 Addition using parameterized function Click here
08-May-2024 js13 Giving the user values in function's parameters Click here
08-May-2024 js14 finding the datatype using typeof() Click here
08-May-2024 js15 Addition by getting values in Prompt Click here
08-May-2024 js16 Introducing bold tag in js Click here
08-May-2024 js17 finding all types of datatype using typeof() Click here
10-May-2024 js18 Combinations/adding of numbers and variables Click here
10-May-2024 js19 Swapping using temporary variables Click here
10-May-2024 js20 Swapping without using temp variable Click here
10-May-2024 js21 Swapping without using temp variable by getting values Click here
10-May-2024 js22 pass/fail using tenaory operator Click here
10-May-2024 js23 odd or even using tenory operator Click here
15-May-2024 js24 Leap year or not Click here
15-May-2024 js25 Getting name, institude, school and % in Prompt and printing Click here
15-May-2024 js26 odd or even using if else Click here
15-May-2024 js27 Greatest number among these three Click here
15-May-2024 js28 Person is eligible vote or not Click here
16-May-2024 js29 EB Bill Click here
22-May-2024 js30 for loop Click here
22-May-2024 js31 2 tables using for loop Click here
22-May-2024 js32 factorial Click here
22-May-2024 js33 Celsius to Fahrenheit Click here
23-May-2024 js34 Printing Grade base on Marks using if else Click here
23-May-2024 js35 Checking the number Prime or Not Click here
01-June-2024 js36 Validating Username Click here
01-June-2024 js37 Validations Click here
02-June-2024 js38 Validation using CSS border Click here
02-June-2024 js39 for loop i,j Click here
02-June-2024 js40 for loop i,j Click here
02-June-2024 js41 Print number from 1 to 50 Click here
02-June-2024 js42 Fibonacci Series Click here